8 Best Beach Crafts for Toddlers

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Toddlers love to explore and learn about the world around them at a young age. Early experiences like going to the beach can help develop important skills like problem-solving, communication, and exploration in young children.

Beach crafts for Toddlers are a great way of developing skills in many ways. It makes them learn how to put together different pieces of materials into something that they can use and play with. They are also developing motor skills by rolling the balls and playing with sticks while making different patterns on the sand.

1. Collect Shells, Sort, & Paint

Shells are one of the most popular beach stuff for kids. There is an endless variety of colors, shapes, and sizes as well as a wide variety of shells that can be found on the shoreline or the beach.

Kids can enjoy shell collecting and arranging for hours. This makes it a great gift idea for parents to make memories with their children!

Children can spend hours simply sorting through different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Once they have sorted, they can start coloring each of these shells with their favorite colors. For toddlers, dip painting can be a great idea that they can learn to do quickly.

They can also use crayons or watercolors, to paint these shells according to their imagination.

2. Under the Sea Beach Craft

In this project, children can make their plates, bowls, and cups to cover with sand and sea life. You can also make bubbles on the plate before adding a few drops of food coloring to see them dance! The steps to follow are below:

  • Start with a sturdy, lightweight craft plate or dish-like tray
  • Paint the bottom of the plate with grey paint or a dark color
  • Draw a sea map in white paint on top of your color with an even, thin consistency
  • Cut out small circles from green paper, turquoise paper, or light blue paper and glue them on top of your sea map in alternating colors (about 5 circles per side)
  • Cut out small triangles from yellow paper, lime green paper, or light green paper and glue them on top of your sea map in alternating colors (about 3 triangles per side)
  • Cut out small stars from orange paper and glue them on top of your sea map in alternating colors (about 2 stars per side)

3. Creating Beach Craft with Cornflakes as Sand

Some toddlers love eating cornflakes and it could be an interesting idea to let them play with them. This activity requires some paint, a paper plate, and some help from you as a parent. We found this super easy-to-follow video which your kid would surely love implementing and creating a masterpiece. Here is the video:

4. Sand Handprint

Create a memory of your child’s footprints or hand prints. You can use the same technique with the plaster of Paris to create one too! Your kid would also love creating shapes of their hands or feet with this creative idea.

5. Paper Beach Craft

This DIY project takes some time but you will create some amazing shapes with your kid. The craft includes steps of folding and cutting paper, creating a seahorse, and tying the tail. You can create an octopus, sea plants, or fish.

The goal of this project is to create a paper seahorse with an origami-inspired design; it serves as an ornament or decoration. The Paper Ocean Craft is inspired by the various sea creatures across our oceans and can be made in any color. One such art has been shared below:

Paper Beach Craft

6. Sea Glass Beach Crafts

Sea glass is also known as beach glass, shore glass, and sea-shore glass. It’s a type of rounded, smoothed, colored sand found on beaches near the ocean. Sea glass is commonly used in jewelry making resulting in beautiful color combinations.

Kids love making these craft projects with their smooth, colorful creations! It is a popular item used in craft projects. Depending on the type of project, it can be used to create jewelry or other items for decoration. Making these crafts with your kids is fun and easy to do!

 For toddlers, the painted sea glass activity is one easy-to-do and interesting idea that gives them immense pleasure. You can let them use colors or dip painting using their imaginations and create different combinations.

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7. Rainbow Sea Shells

This project has two objectives:  creating more opportunities for adults and creating DIY materials for kids that let them participate in making rainbow shell decorations at home.

If you want to create rainbow seashells activity for kids, try the following:

  • Use a large sheet of white paper
  • Tear off a sheet of black construction paper
  • Give your child a handful of round sea shells or another similar type
  • Have children draw outside the lines on the white paper with their black piece of construction paper
  • When they finish drawing, have them turn over their paper and paint it in rainbow colors with their sea shell

8. Clay Sculptures & Sea Creatures

Clay Sculptures is a fun and creative activity for toddlers that you can participate in with your kids. Let them become creative by making their clay sculptures and having fun playing with the water and air.

They can create different shapes, sea creatures, and even trees. This is an opportunity for your toddler to express themselves by creating something from nothing.


Beaches are purely a place that kids and adults love to be with. Associating kids with the beaches and giving them ample ideas to build something inspired by these is only possible when you let them play with their minds. The above activities are simple yet quite interesting for your kids to learn about sea creatures, beaches, shells, and a lot more. They will feel more connected when they venture out to the beach next time.

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