Best Keyboards for Kids

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Over the past few years, we have seen that kids have been more interested in playing with keyboards. Thanks to the vast content available, kids have innumerable options to sharpen their skills and become keyboardists or pianists. Seeking this increased demand, companies have come up with cheaper and lighter versions to make it more affordable and easier for kids to learn to play a keyboard.

There are lots of different keyboards to choose from when starting to learn how to play. You can choose either a home keyboard with a vast range of features or a more basic piano-like instrument. There’s something for all!

5 Best Keyboards for Kids

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Kids Piano Keyboard, Musical Learning Educational Toy for Beginners

aPerfectLife Kids Keyboard Piano

SEMART keyboard Piano Digital electric piano portable electronic music keyboard

One way to narrow down their options is to start with our picks for the best beginner keyboards. Otherwise, read on for more information about what you should look for and where your money should be going if you’re looking for a new instrument.

1. Kids Piano Keyboard, Musical Learning Educational Toy for Beginners

Kids Piano Keyboard, Musical Learning Educational Toy for Beginners

The piano keyboard is the perfect toy to introduce kids to the wonderful world of music. As a musical instrument, this keyboard is easy to play and can be used in any condition. The built-in speakers provide crisp, clear sound quality for playing along to their favorite tunes.

On top of that, this toy is an educational piano teaching children about different instruments with 37 keys and 3 built-in modes! Kids can explore songs from different genres like pop, rock, jazz and more. Its lightweight, portable design means they can take it anywhere they go! It is an ideal choice for kids who want to learn how to play the piano at home.


  • Great for kids and adults who are beginners or looking to take their piano playing to the next level
  • Multi-function keys, sharps, and flats are labeled so kids can learn to play quickly
  • Colorful and attractive designs will keep your child’s attention while learning
  • The piano is portable and can be used in almost any space, even something as small as a living room or corridor
  • Volume can be adjusted from low to high, and the sound quality isn’t bad at all


  • Keys are not weighted which can be an issue for people who want a more realistic feeling when they play the piano
  • Does not have an automatic power-off feature which could leave your battery drained with extended use

2. aPerfectLife Kids Keyboard Piano

aPerfectLife Kids Keyboard Piano

The aPerfectLife Kids Keyboard Piano is specially designed for children, who have never had experience with piano before. It helps them learn to play the piano and express themselves in music.

It is an innovative design keyboard piano for kids with 32 keys and multi-function buttons. The Piano can be used as a musical instrument, educational toy, or piano trainer. The size of the keyboard makes it easy to play and comfortable to hold; the beautiful brushed silver finish complements any room decor.


  • The mic is included making it perfect for 2 kids to play along. One can sing while the other plays the piano at the same time
  • The sound of this piano is very loud making it more entertaining for kids
  • Keys are designed for small fingers, which means there is less risk of finger injury
  • The keyboard is very light to carry


  • The sound from the mic isn’t that loud
  • Build quality could have been better

3. SEMART keyboard Piano Digital electric piano portable electronic music keyboard

SEMART keyboard Piano Digital electric piano portable electronic music keyboard

This piano keyboard is a high-quality instrument with a complete set of 61 full-size keys that are touch sensitive and provides texture and other functions. It is made of high-quality, durable materials, which makes it the perfect instrument for both children and adults who want to learn piano.

SEMART keyboard Piano Digital electric piano portable electronic music keyboard has a microphone. It has a powerful and versatile sound system that is enough to handle both solo performances and accompaniment for an orchestra or band. In addition, it can be connected to other instruments through MIDI connections.


  • Design intuitive and its keys feel good under your fingers
  • The sound quality of this keyboard is amazing and the speakers give a lot of power
  • The touch interface on this keyboard is responsive and works just fine
  • The piano is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you anywhere, making it easy to practice in different locations


  • Includes a single headphone jack meaning that if more than one person needs headphones then they will have to plug them into different jacks
  • Expensive

4. Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Portable Digital Music Piano

Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Portable Digital Music Piano

The Portable Digital Music Piano is a perfect choice for music lovers, beginners, and professionals. It features an ultra-slim design, a stylish piano lamp, and a built-in speaker. The features are amazing and it is a very user-friendly keyboard.

With sensitive keys, it feels like you are playing a real piano. It also has many different sounds/tones to make it sound more realistic than a normal keyboard. It is very durable so if something were to happen to the keyboard you would be able to fix it or replace it easily because they aren’t too expensive which is great in case your keyboard falls off the stand or gets wet by accident.


  • Good starter kit with everything they need to get started
  • Easy to set up as it comes with a stand and a stool
  • Includes pre-loaded demo songs, keynote stickers, and light-up keys
  • Great sound output with a flawless authentic range
  • Supports recording and playback with headphones and microphones


  • Build quality is average
  • Priced higher than similar products in the market

5. Noaideoi Kids Piano Keyboard

Noaideoi Kids Piano Keyboard

The Noaideoi Kids Piano Keyboard is a well-designed piano that is fun to play and great for kids. It includes 37 keys with easier keys in the middle and it also has a volume control switch and headphone jack. With this toy, it doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed, because the keyboard can be flipped over.

This musical instrument can be used by both children and adults alike. It is also light enough to carry on your back so you can take it wherever you go! For kids who are starting with music, this piano keyboard is perfect for them.

Compared to other pianos in this range, this one comes with better build quality. The company also provides a double-layered Kraft paper box as packaging that adds added protection. It is light in weight and easy to store.


  • It is affordable
  • The sound quality is good
  • Has a built-in microphone that captures children’s voices well
  • Provides three different teaching modes for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Keys are soft and light, making it easier for younger fingers to press them


  • Average microphone
  • Lacks any other fancy functions like lights

Buyers Guide

There are a variety of keyboards that you can choose from. Some of them are specifically designed for kids and come with features that help develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

1. Extra Features

The best keyboards usually have backlights so they can be used in dark rooms or at night time. They also come with colorful keys so children can identify the letters better when they start learning how to type. Keyboards that have rubber buttons are good since they’re easier for kids to press down on.

2. Budget

Price is certainly a factor as you get some of the cheapest or the most expensive options to choose from. For kids who are just starting and are below the age of 6, budget keyboards are ideal. However, for advanced users where kids start learning professionally, the premium version keyboards that come with some advanced features will be the choice.

3. Reviews

As it is an electronic product, there a numerous brands offering their keyboard. You might not be aware of their brand image or the quality they are offering. We recommend checking both online and direct customer reviews before making a purchase. It will help you understand if this particular product is something you should be investing in.


Keyboards are fun! Be it the basic variants or the professional ones, before you buy, you must consider the best ones there. The above review provides you with 5 different products and we have tried to review each from different categories to help parents choose based on their choices.

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For advanced players, the best option from the list could be Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Portable Digital Music Piano. However, if your kid has just started or you aren’t sure if he will be able to play it, we recommend trying Noaideoi Kids Piano Keyboard. Having said that, the other 3 also are pretty competitive and can be an ideal product for your kid to start learning.

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