6 Best Play-Doh Sets in 2022

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Children often find ways to entertain themselves, but it doesn’t always have to be a creative process. Sometimes the best toys are the ones that don’t require too much thinking but are still fun and exciting. Some of these “toys” can even open up possibilities for imaginative play! This is why we’ve compiled an extensive list of our best Play-Doh sets.

These are not your average play-doh kits – they’re more like a one-stop shop for creativity! Play-Doh is a modeling compound that was first introduced to the market in 1956 when it was invented by Noah McVicker. It is a popular toy for children and adults alike, who play with it for both entertainment and therapeutic reasons.

They are safe for kids, come in a wide range of colors, and are generally good value for money. It’s a great teaching tool for kids to learn shapes, and colors, and develop creativity and imagination. Instead of giving them electronics or tv, we can give them something that will stimulate their senses and imagination.

6 Best Play-Doh Sets 2022

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Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case

Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy

Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist Hair Salon Pretend Play Toy

Kids can spend hours of fun with play-doh. This article will tell you about the 6 best Play-Doh sets to buy in 2022.

1. Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case

These 2-ounce play dohs are offered in 10 cans and each is of a different color. They are perfect for lots of different activities, such as Play-Doh refills, a Play-Doh Starter set, or an add-on to any Play-Doh toy.

They are non-toxic modelling compounds suitable for children 2+ years of age. It offers them the freedom to create their masterpieces and to be creative in a safe space. They come in recyclable and easy-to-open packages.


  • Perfect sized making it easy to carry & play with
  • Quality is good and is free of harmful chemicals (non-toxic)
  • 10 different colors to play with
  • Re-usable modeling compound


  • Doesn’t come with shapes, you need to purchase them separately

2. Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy

Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy

This Play-Doh is a fun and creative toy that children of all ages can have a blast playing with. The Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy is recommended for children from 3 years of age and up.

The toy includes the following:

  1. Gravel Grinder with 2 toy trucks for construction fun
  2. Dump truck
  3. Steamroller construction vehicle

It also has 3 other colors of Play-Doh so that children can create whatever they want.


  • Realistic gravel grinder & Dump truck for an amazing experience & fun
  • 3 Non-toxic high-quality doh colors
  • Squishy steamroller to level roads and play with your kids’ creativity
  • Contains constructions signboards


  • The quantity of doh is only 2 ounces meaning you will have to buy more separately

3. Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist Hair Salon Pretend Play Toy

Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist Hair Salon Pretend Play Toy

Play-Doh Crazy Cuts is a stylish pretend play toy for kids. It comes with eight cans of Play-Doh, 2 ounces each. It is not just about hair styling – it gives kids hands-on fun with the arts and crafts of their design.

The toy includes 8 tri-color cans each having 2 ounces and 3 colors inside for lots of combinations. So that children can make different shades of Play-Doh without any need to mix up paint or other materials themselves. The cans are also non-toxic, making them the perfect option when children want to explore their creativity at home.


  • Non-Toxic, so isn’t harmful to your child to play for hours
  • Gives them enough opportunity to test their creative side
  • Easy to curl, crimp, style up, or braid
  • Includes 3 styling head attachments


  • Doesn’t include proper instructions
  • Can get fuzzy if not used correctly

4. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Cookie Creations

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Cookie Creations

Kids can make lots of different kinds of cookies because this set comes with 4 Play-Doh cookie cutters and 5 colors of modelling compound. They can choose from 4 different shapes (circle, square, star, and heart-shaped) to create their favorite holiday cookies.

You will love it because it gives a whole new meaning to cooking. It does not only teach about how to make different types of cookies but also about healthy eating habits in general. The set is also big enough that more than one child can play at the same time without any problem.


  • Nontoxic so you don’t have to worry about any potential health risk
  • The smell is pretty incredible
  • 4 shape cutters to make pretty realistic cookies
  • Includes textured rolling pins that help in adding fun patterns


  • Can be sticky on the floors

5. Play-Doh Fun Tub Playset

Play-Doh Fun Tub Playset

Play-Doh Fun Tub Playset is an excellent toy for kids. It has been designed specifically for kids who are 3 years and up and includes 18 tools with storage so that the little ones can save their creations. They also get 5 non-toxic colors which is a great way to expose them to different shades without risking them getting “allergies.”

The set includes 5 tubs of Play-Doh, 2 cutters, 2 roller extenders, 1 extruder with lid, 1 pipe cleaner extruder, 1 rolling pin, 3 glitter lids, 1 shaper cutter with lid, 1 scooper spoon and 4 dough boxes. The set also comes with a staple remover so that parents can easily remove the parts from the box when it’s time to store everything away. The tubs are stackable and all have lids so they can be stored in any order or stacked on top of each other.


  • Includes 18 incredible tools to help you play around
  • Non-toxic colors ensure it doesn’t harm your child
  • Unlimited shapes & ideas to experiment with
  • Very soft, fluffy, and non-sticky doh


  • The quantity of each doh color is less compared to other doh sets
  • Expensive than other sets in the market

6. Play-Doh Bulk Winter Colors 12-Pack of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound

Play-Doh Bulk Winter Colors 12-Pack of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound

Play-Doh’s winter colors go great with the season like snow and ice. Create winter-themed masterpieces while exploring a new color. This bulk set of 12 Play-Doh cans comes in 9 different colors for a total of 48 ounces of Play-Doh to play with!

The Play-Doh pack comes in the following colors: joyful wintery shades of green, white, red, blue, purple, black, and more. The product is non-toxic and safe for children 3 years or older.


  • Squishy, bright, Non-toxic doh perfect for children aged 3 years and above
  • Comes in easy to open & recyclable packaging
  • Reusable modeling compound
  • Very soft and easy to mold different shapes


  • Doesn’t include shapes or cutters
  • Dries out quickly if left open for long

Buyers Guide

To find the best play dough for your children, you need to consider different factors. These factors include:

1. Texture

There are many different textures of Play-Doh. Some people like the clay-like texture, while some people prefer a dough-type texture. But the best texture of Play-Doh is the stretchy type. It feels soft and easy to mold.

2. Shape & Size

All shapes are great, but some shapes work better than others. Also, they can be used for all sizes of children but some sizes might be better for younger children than others. If your child is very young, then we suggest using mini play dough containers because they are easier for little fingers to handle and less pressure will be put on the wrist area when making their creations with small containers.

3. Color of the Play Dohs

Play-dohs come in a variety of colors and they make different shades when combined. So, while making a purchase you must check out the colors it is offering. We recommend choosing the ones containing your favorite colors as they should inspire you to make the best shapes based on your choices.

4. Price of the Play Dohs

Currently, you can choose from multiple options and the pricing of each is dependent on the number of colors they come with or the tools each package contains. Hence, while purchasing a particular product, you should compare the prices of a couple of products containing the same number of colors and tools. However, ensure you opt for the non-toxic ones and not look at the cheapest ones available.


After reviewing the best dohs you could buy in 2022, it’s clear that you have several options to choose from. If you are looking for a complete set that contains both the doh and several play-around tools, then we recommend buying the Play-Doh Fun Tub Playset containing 18 different shapes & cutters.

However, if you simply looking for a set that comes with dohs and nothing else, then we recommend buying Play-Doh Bulk Winter Colors 12-Pack of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound.

You could even buy the Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy with Non-Toxic Pavement Buildin’ Compound. This product is a complete construction package that gives your kid endless opportunities to enact some amazing construction scenarios. Having said that, each product reviewed above is of good quality and made from non-toxic materials. So buy the one that meets your expectations and requirements!

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