Best Printer for Art Prints: Our Top 10 Picks

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Tired of low-quality printers that ruin your art? Here’s what you need: the best printer for art prints. 

Finding a good printer can be a hassle. You need pigment-based inks, Bluetooth connectivity, and better color clarity than your average office printer. With the best printer for art prints at home, you can minimize the struggle of going to a print shop in the middle of the night.

To help you out, we’ve created a roundup of the best printer you can get for art prints. Use these in your home office or studio – and you’ll never have to settle for average prints again. 

In a hurry? Here are our top 5 picks:

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Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Canon IP8720

Canon PIXMA PRO-200

Epson Workforce Pro WF-7310

Best 10 Printers for Art Prints in 2022

Our list covers every aspect of a good printer. From a wide range of budgets, you can find premium machines or cheaper models that help you create the best art prints in the market. 

Many painters don’t know How To Make Prints Of their Art, so we have discussed it in our guide.

1. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550

This wireless, wide-format color Epson EcoTank printer is an all-in-one package for your art prints. It offers cartridge-free printing for all your high-quality graphics, photos, and creative projects. The high-accuracy printhead makes sure every color pops out perfectly on paper.

Many art print businesses need to use cardstock. With the Epson EcoTank, you can print on any specialty media that is up to 1.3mm in thickness. It also allows you to print simultaneously on both sides – saving you tons of time when printing in bulk. 

With this in-house printing machine, you can cut costs too. Each ink bottle can print up to 6,200 pages in stunning color. In fact, you can use the included replacement ink bottle set to keep printing for up to 2 years without having to buy a new one!

The Epson EcoTank also features wireless connectivity and an intuitive touch display which makes it easier to print on busy days. You can print directly from your mobile device and use the voice-activated printing feature for fast and efficient performance.


  • Comes with 2 ink bottles
  • Offers great value for money
  • Print or scan from your iOS or Android mobile device
  • Use touchscreen or voice command for quick printing


  • Straight feed is huge and difficult to access

2. KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

This KODAK printer is the way to step up your printing game. If you’re running a small art prints business, this KODAK printer can help you print on the go. No more making plans to get prints tomorrow when you can print your art instantly! 

With Bluetooth connectivity, this KODAK printer connects to any iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other digital device. It is equipped with zero-ink technology which means you don’t need to get pricy cartridges, ribbons, or toners every week. 

If you’re worried about quality, then this KODAK printer delivers high-quality, durable, and detailed prints with stunning resolution. You can also download the free KODAK app to add filters, borders, text, or personalized flair to your art prints before printing them instantly. 

This printer is the top choice for those who love crafts. It’s portable, lightweight, and eliminates the need for messy wires or clunky equipment. 


  • Quick set-up
  • Prints 1 page per minute
  • Features Zink technology
  • Offers instant printing


  • Only charges via Micro USB

3. Canon IP8720

Canon IP8720

Trying to print in high resolution on big paper? The Canon IP8720 helps you make art prints for your favorite designs in up to 13×19 inches. Connect this fast and efficient printer with any Wi-Fi-enabled device and start printing in impeccable detail! 

The Canon IP8720 features a 6-color ink system including gray ink which can enhance the color resolution of your art prints. This in-house printer offers 9600 x 2400 color dots per inch, giving you incredibly detailed art prints. 

If you’re tired of noisy printers distracting you from your craft, then the Canon IP8720 might just be your savior. It has a low noise level of approximately 40 dB which helps you maintain a peaceful and calm work environment while you get crafty.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with a range of ink cartridges
  • 6-color ink system
  • High-resolution printing in impeccable detail


  • No custom-size prints

4. Canon PIXMA PRO-200

Canon PIXMA PRO-200

If you’re trying to get professional prints in the comfort of your home, then the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 is the ultimate choice. This impressive photo printer can print up to 13 x 39 inches in size, giving you the freedom to customize the size of your art prints. 

With wireless connectivity, you can forget about having tangled wires all over your desk. In fact, the PIXMA PRO-200 has a compact design that helps save space in your home or studio. The device is incredibly fast and efficient, giving you bordered A3-sized prints in only 90 seconds!

The built-in LCD screen helps you keep an eye on ink levels at a glance and notifies you whenever you need printer maintenance. The intuitive interface sets the perfect print settings automatically, helping you create stunning art prints without worrying about the right mode. 

With the 8-color ink system, you can get rich and vibrant art prints every single time. 


  • Offers panorama printing up to 13×39 inches
  • Compatible with a range of print media for art prints
  • Quick and easy printing via Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with Canon Professional Print and Layout (PPL) software


  • Features dye-based ink

5. Epson Workforce Pro WF-7310

Epson Workforce Pro WF-7310

Looking for an efficient and quick printer for your artsy workplace? The Epson Workforce Pro is a perfect fit. This wide-format printer helps you print on mediums up to 13 x 19 inches in size. If you’re printing postcards or want to add your branding to the back, the Epson Workforce Pro offers high-speed dual-sided printing!

Equipped with Precision Core Heat-Free technology, this printer is one of the top choices from Epson’s catalog. It streamlines the workflow with 12-color ISO ppm and an ultra-fast first-page outperformance. 

In fact, this highly efficient printer is designed for productivity. It is engineered to perfection with high durability, and reliability, and can endure heavy workloads for art prints. With a 500-sheet paper capacity, you can easily tackle high-volume printing tasks. The color display paired with Epson’s Smart Panel app makes it incredibly easy to turn your art into prints instantly. 

Epson has delivered an all-in-one solution with this printer. It offers professional quality prints with the new DURABrite Ultra instant-dry pigment inks that deliver rich and vibrant colors. If you have text on your art prints, then you can rely on this printer to deliver the sharpest text every time!


  • Zero warm-up time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Best for high-volume printing at high speeds
  • Designed for productivity


  • Doesn’t allow printing on large sized mediums

6. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

If you’re looking for all-around printer that’s good for both office and art prints, then you should check out the Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000. 

This printer offers the most customization and freedom to print that you can get. The main A4 tray is ideal for ordinary prints, while the rear feed tray is compatible with both A3+ and other heavy media. Whether you’re printing on cardstock or regular paper, this Epson printer is a complete all-rounder for the office!

The Epson Expression Photo HD offers a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi with six inks, giving you good color reproduction and contrast on every art print. Running costs for this printer are surprisingly low as it’s compatible with Epson’s XL cartridges that have a long life. 

With Wi-Fi and ethernet compatibility, you can print on the go while you’re busy working on more art prints on your computer. The printer weighs about 8kgs, which means you can keep it on the side of a sturdy table as your good old printing companion. 


  • Affordable price point
  • Incredibly low running cost


  • Features dye-based inks only

7. HP DesignJet T650

HP DesignJet T650

Does your art have precise lines and sharp edges that every printer smudges into oblivion? The HP Designjet T650 can solve all your problems!

It’s the ultimate choice for technical line drawings or renders that require precise and crisp prints. This is the printer architects and construction professionals use – so it’s perfect for your high-quality prints. You can print anything on up to 36-inch-wide media rolls or 13 x 19-inch sheets with the automatic sheet feeder. The HP Designjet also features an automatic horizontal cutter that can help your art prints business run efficiently with no delays. 

With Gigabit Ethernet, Hi-Speed USB, and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can print via almost anything! If you’re running an art business with a heavy workload, then this simple printer can help you make multi-size prints automatically. There’s no need to manually switch the media source either, simply because the printer handles all the heavy work for you. 

If you think this printer comes with a hefty price tag, then it covers that up with routine maintenance settings. It uses up to 95% lesser ink than other plotter printers which means you won’t be out buying new cartridges every week. 


  • 1-click printing from anywhere
  • Smartphone app control
  • Quick and efficient printing
  • Wide range of supported media sizes


  • Comparatively pricey

8. HP ENVY Photo 7855

HP ENVY Photo 7855

Have you ever thought of printing your art with a single voice command? The HP Envy works seamlessly with Alexa to handle all your printing requirements!

This all-in-one photo printer delivers stunning quality prints in less than 5 cents – that’s great value for money. You can make efficient use of the borderless and wireless printer with the auto document feeder. The power of this printer rests in the palm of your hand with mobile printing features. 

Connect with the HP Envy Photo with the HP Smart app to instantly set up this wireless printer. It supports a wide range of paper sizes, including letter, legal, and up to 8×10 inches. If you’re offering customized envelopes with your art prints, then feel free to print No. 10 envelopes with this powerful printer. 

The touchscreen helps you control the dedicated paper trays that make art printing much simpler. Once you adjust your print settings and paper type, the trays adjust automatically.


  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Print directly from your phone, SD card, or USB
  • Comes with one-year hardware warranty 


  • Not suitable for printing on larger mediums

9. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300

If you want a printer that brings your images to life, there’s nothing better than the Canon imagePROGRAF. This wide-format printer allows you to print on mediums up to 13×19 inches in size, giving you complete creative control!

With the Canon imagePROGRAF, you don’t only get professional image quality but also ultimate productivity and an uninterrupted workflow. It even has a smaller footprint than other printers, and that’s something you can use in your art prints’ company CSR. 

The 3-inch color LCD monitor helps you keep a close check on ink levels, and printer status, and gives you complete control over your printer’s settings. Make art prints directly from your mobile device or use the Professional Print and Layout software to make those colors pop. 

For the best color resolution, this printer features a 9-color plus Chroma Optimizer ink system. This system is specially curated to meet the needs of every type of art printer – from beginners to professionals. 


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 9-color Chroma Optimizer ink system
  • Great for printing fine arts


  • Offers a print-only form factor

10. Canon PRO 2100

Canon PRO 2100

If Epson printers aren’t your deal, then you can get this Canon Pro 2100. It’s the top-rated printer for many artists who enjoy bringing their artwork to life.

The Canon Pro 2100 has a quick and easy setup so you can get to printing right away. With efficient use of ink, this printer offers sharp resolution and vibrant colors. The ink cartridges last for over 40 art prints without needing to replace the ink.

The printer is compatible with any heavy-duty fine art paper rolls that you prefer. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to load the paper roll and let the machine handle the rest. The automatic cutter can be switched on and off at your convenience – in case you want to be extra careful about avoiding that dull blade. 

Every art print that you make with the Canon Pro 2100 is promised to be crisp, fully saturated, and incredibly beautiful. The printer is Wi-Fi compatible and has a minimal footprint too. 


  • Long-lasting ink
  • Easy to load paper rolls
  • Compatible with heavy-duty paper for art prints


  • Bigger than a regular printer 

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Printer for Art Prints

Before you head out to find the best printer for your art prints, there are a few things you need to consider. This includes the resolution, print size, ink cartridges, and much more. 

Take a look at our quick buying guide to make the decision easier:

1. Resolution

When you’re investing in a high-quality art printer, you need to consider the quality. Printer models that offer high-quality art prints of your work will deliver results that are good enough to hand inside a gallery!

Inkjet printers are capable of producing a minimum of 600 x 600 DPI in black-and-white, but that number is much higher in color. High-quality printers can give you prints of up to 4800 x 2400 DPI. 

See how big the difference is? If you need detailed and large-scale prints, it’s time to invest in a printer with the highest DPI. 

2. Print Size

Basic printers will only let you print on 8.5 x 11-inch paper – but your artwork deserves more diversity than that. 

The standard art print is done on 6-inch papers. Even though you can use a regular printer and cut off the edges yourself, a dedicated art printer can help you print seamlessly on different sizes. 

Choose wide printers like the Epson Workforce Pro to print your artwork on pages that are as big as 19 inches. Heavy-duty art printers can even help you diversify your prints on up to 24-inch big sizes. 

If you’re planning on printing on different media, look for a printer that can handle several paper types. The thick paper could jam a standard printer, but an art printer can handle card stock, semi-gloss sheets, and even textured paper. 

3. Print Speed

Running an art prints business means working with high-volume orders. While pigment inks are cost-efficient, their print speed is anywhere between 2 to 6 minutes. Dedicated art printers might be slower, but they’ll deliver the better color resolution to your images. 

You will want to find a printer that strikes the perfect balance between image quality and print speed. Check out some of our top choices in the list above to weigh your options. 

4. Ink Cartridge and Pigments

Every printer will have a different set of features to offer. Some might deliver a better color reproduction, while others offer more sharpness. The best printer for art prints will offer a rechargeable color palette with a diverse range of pigments.

Remember that your regular printer with CMYK ink tanks isn’t only going to print four colors. Instead, the printer will work its magic to create thousands of colors that breathe life into your artwork. 

In fact, art printers are equipped to produce different saturation, hues, and brightness levels. With a wide range of settings, you can customize the way your art looks on print. 

When choosing the best printer for art prints, keep in mind that some choices will have cartridges specially designed for the textured, matte, or glossy print paper. With this diverse set of options, you can create countless types of art prints. 

5. Price

An art printer might create a significant dent in your bank account, but it’s definitely worth the investment. 

If you’re on a budget, then you can get a decent printer for less than $100. But if you’re willing to put some money into your business, then getting the best printer for art prints can set you apart from the competition. 

Professional art printers are designed for artists and designers by offering stunning pigments and sharp details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best high-end printer for art prints?

The Epson ProTank Photo ET-8550 and the KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer are two of the top choices for art prints. They offer stunning picture quality and high levels of print efficiency. 

Q2. Is laser or inkjet better for art prints?

For art prints, there is no clear-cut answer about which type of printer is the best. Laser printers will help you produce sharper images with quicker printing, but inkjet printers tend to be better for printing vibrant and intricate designs. The best printer for art prints depends on the needs and priorities of the artist themselves. 

Q3. How can I print high-quality photos at home?

You can make high-quality digital photo prints in the comfort of your home by using specialty photo paper. Both glossy and matte photo paper will deliver better results than standard printing paper. 

Q4. How do you print high-quality art?

High-quality art is almost always created using specialty art printers. The best printer for art prints will place more dots of ink for every inch of paper. Most artwork looks best with a printer of 300 dpi. 

Q5. Why are my art prints blurry?

Your image might get blurry or jagged if you try printing an image on paper that is larger than the original size of the artwork. This is called pixelization, and it happens because the printer tries to make the pixels of the image larger to cover the size. 

In Conclusion

You need the best printer for art prints, and now you can get one! With our roundup of the top 10 printers in the market, you don’t need to look anywhere else for high-quality prints. 

For intricate art prints, our top recommendation is the Epson ProTank Photo ET-8550. If you’re looking for high-quality panorama prints, then the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 is made for you. 

Choose any printer from this list and start turning your art into reality every day – from the comfort of your home!

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