Cool Things to Do With a Balloon

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You must have used balloons to decorate your homes and celebrate different events in your life. There are many ways to use a balloon. Some of them include blowing up a balloon, passing it from one person to another, and even using it as a weapon!

A balloon is just like an inflatable tube and can be filled with anything from water to soap or helium. As long as you have access to hot air or pressurized gas and you know how to blow it up, then you can do anything with a balloon.

A lot of people use balloons for decoration purposes, especially on special occasions like birthdays or weddings. There are many cool things to do with a balloon that an imaginative child can come up with.

Some Cool Things to Do With a Balloon

A balloon is one of the most versatile and easy things to do with. It can be used in numerous ways and also help children learn how to count, coordinate, and form shapes.

The following are some of the fun ways to use a balloon:

  • Blow up a balloon at one end, tie it off with string, then use it as a snorkel while swimming.
  • Have a blowout party. Fill up balloons with helium or air then release them when they reach their destination.
  • Blow up a balloon around your wrist so you can play catch without having to hold on to something else in your hands or mouth.
  • Use balloons for decoration such as decorating Easter eggs or filling an ornament tree

Cool Ideas With Balloons for Kids

Although this may seem like a simple idea, it can help children stay entertained. In this game, players try to keep their balloons in the air for as long as possible. Sometimes, prizes are offered to children who can throw and keep the balloons for the longest time.

Other games that can be played include a game of throwing a balloon, pulling it back, and then releasing it. It depends on the distance you want to throw or bounce the balloon.

Balloon Races

There can be different variations of this game. One option could be where everyone starts simultaneously and a balloon is placed between the legs of each. The person who reaches the designated finish line first wins. If anyone drops their balloon, they must go back to the starting line.

The other option could be placing a bucket of balloons on one side of the yard. Each player has to grab one out of the bucket, pop it, and run back to the starting line before any others. This can be done in different ways. You can either do this as a relay or on your own. Whoever pops the most balloons wins!

Balloon Ornaments Craft

Yarn, glue, and balloons are great for making the loops on your balloon ornament. You might not need a photo to demonstrate that, but if you wanted a picture of it, there would be lots on the internet for you to find. This activity can take some time, but the results can be impressive.

You can check out the two tutorials here and try any of them. Both are easy and your kids can love making efforts to create the ornaments.

Puppet Show

There are many ways to jazz up the balloon game for kids. Sharpies can be used to draw faces onto balloons, which then become a fun and interactive way for kids to make their balloon creations. Keep it simple and use a permanent marker that won’t wash off!

Many children are also interested in Hatchimals. We have answered a very common question “How Many Hatchimals Are There” in our guide.

Catch a Balloon Game

This game is a great way for kids to have fun and exercise. In the game, kids have to catch balloons in the air and try to keep them in the air as long as possible. You may throw the balloons in the air or let them throw them and then catch the balloon themselves.

The game might seem easy at first, but it can get difficult pretty quickly. That’s why parents could help their children by catching these balloons.

Balloon Artwork & Decorations

There are various ways to decorate a party or event, and balloons are one of the most popular choices. With balloon artwork, you can make your event more interesting, festive, and whimsical.

Creating balloon rainbows is a trending idea at most birthday parties. You could play with different colored balloons or use 7 different colors to recreate a rainbow. Some other ideas that are worth trying include:

  1. Three colorful balloons on a string
  2. White, pink, and blue balloons with black stripes
  3. Balloons with spotted patterns
  4. Peace sign balloons with various colors
  5. Cloverleaf design

Balloon Yo-Yo

Balloon Yo-Yo is easy to make and simple toy. It’s a balloon that’s been stitched together into the shape of a yo-yo. If you’re looking for something unique and fun for your kids, this is a great option. 

There are many different variations and they are all fun to try. This project is perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at making something with balloons before they go on to bigger things.

It’s also great for experienced makers who want a fun, new way to spend their time and make some cool stuff! You can even use this simple project as a jumping-off point for your original balloon creations!


Balloons are easily available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Kids love them and they are an inexpensive source to keep them busy for hours. It is used at almost every function, especially for kids. These ideas with balloons are easy and when done, your kids would be happy. The activity also helps them learn the art of blowing balloons, tying knots, and doing different things with this simple thing.

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