11 Cool Dog Crafts for Preschoolers

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All kinds of crafts that children enjoy doing, such as drawing pictures and painting, are considered to be an essential part of preschoolers’ development. Dog crafts are relatively simple to make. They don’t require any tools or complex materials, so it’s easy for anyone to make them.

Sometimes a child may not want to do an activity that they are assigned by their teacher, but they still want to make something with the dog. This is where these dog crafts for Preschoolers come in handy because they allow children who may not be ready for some of the other activities offered at school.

Some Ideas for Making Dog Crafts for Preschoolers

Cool Dog Crafts for Preschoolers

While there are endless ideas of what you can make inspired by dogs, we have listed some of our favorites that you may try making with or for your kid.

1. Corner Dog Bookmark

We love these adorable little doodles that’ll be your favorite companion when reading a good book! The shape of the bookmark is also fun and offers plenty of printable designs for parents to spoil their little ones with.

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2. Dog Paper Crown

It can be hard to get into character sometimes, but this printable paper crown makes it easy. Simply sport it on and go around saying “Woof Woof” – you may want to try walking like a dog too!

3. Heart Dog Craft

This card would be a great way to let someone you care about know that your love is real and sincere. It’s “Peasy” on one side, and on the other is the nice heart-shaped message that speaks to your loyal love.

4. Cute Dog Paper Plates

You can create dog paper plates and they are not only cute but easy as well as cheap to make. The craft is great for young kids who have started off using safety scissors. You may make a single one or in bulk for the next birthday party of your kid.

5. Cardboard Tube Dogs

Looking to add some fun and personality to your child’s room? This DIY is perfect for those on a budget. Share stories of the day it was made, a complete bedtime routine, or even the funniest moment that took place.

All you’ll need to make this art activity for kids are a Sharpie marker, cardboard tubes, googly eyes, some extra cardboard, and acrylic paint.

6. Origami Dog Corner Bookmarks

Are your kids always reading their books? Here’s a craft that can help instill in them an appreciation for critters and literary classics. Plus, it develops their hand-eye coordination!

To make an adorable bookmark, you only need a few supplies such as origami paper in the right colors, some glue, scissors, and a pen.

7. Paper Dog & Puppy Boxes

These paper dog boxes are great when it comes to fine motor skills. They are made for a wide variety of purposes and can be used in many different ways. It has been designed for precision-cut papers of different kinds of crafts. You can fold the trapezoidal box fitting beneath the pup.

8. 3D Paper Plate Dog Masks

Instead of giving your little one a new toy, you can make this paper plate mask by yourself. It will be the highlight of his party and is perfect for imaginative play. Cut out the shapes on the paper plate and decorate them with hot glue. You can use Elmer’s glue for a safer project for children.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Toilet paper roll dogs are a type of dog craft that is made with toilet paper rolls. They have become popular recently because they have cute and unusual appearances.

10. Paper Spring Dog

Paper Spring Dog is a popular toy made of paper and cotton. As the name suggests, it springs back into shape after folding. It uses the crease pattern of a duck’s wing to allow it to move freely. There are no pins, glue, or tape used in this origami model. Some designers even made clothes for their creations.

11. Pipe Cleaner Dog

This is a dog craft that you can try with your kids. It’s a creative and fun way to teach your kids the value of recycling materials!

Pipe cleaner dogs are just pipe cleaners with small, colorful doggy faces attached. They are made by stringing together multiple pipe cleaners and then twisting them into a colorful ball. The most popular colors for these crafty creatures include yellow, blue, green, red, and purple.

Some Cool Tutorials

Below we have selected some interesting and easy-to-follow tutorials to help your child make the perfect shapes and work on interesting ideas.

1. How to make a Paper Dog Tutorial?

It is an easy-to-follow origami tutorial that helps you make a dog face using colorful origami papers. Materials required include your favorite-colored origami papers, a sketch pen, scissors, and glue.

2. How to make a paper Dog?

This is a super easy tutorial that will help you create a paper dog using cardboard. Your kid would simply love playing with this cute dog all day long. You only need two pieces of cardboard, scissors, glue, a sketch pen, and white paper.

3. Paper Dog Craft step-by-step tutorial

This is another step-by-step tutorial that will help you create a cute dog using cardboard paper. The materials required are the same as mentioned in the previous tutorial.

Concluding Remarks

Kids and especially preschoolers are always up for new challenges, so these cool dog crafts are a perfect way to keep them engaged and having fun while learning.

Some of the activities on this list are simple crafts you can do with your supplies, while others might require purchasing a specific item to make it happen! Whatever your activity will be, kids will love it. Hence, have a great time creating some amazing dog crafts. Kids will not only have fun playing with these but also learn a lot about how to create multiple shapes or patterns using simple paper/cardboard. It will also help them have a better understanding of how they could use scissors to cut precise shapes.

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