7 Best Dolphin Crafts for Preschoolers

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If you’re looking for creative, fun, and easy-to-follow instructions for making crafts, who better to turn to than dolphins? If you want a child’s craft that they’ll love then, look no further than this list of dolphin crafts.

They are simple so they can be easily created by the smallest members of your family and are sure to capture their attention. Dolphin crafts for preschoolers can be made with a variety of materials and tools, such as pipe cleaners, cotton balls, googly eyes, hot glue guns, and paintbrushes.

Parents need to encourage their kids to play with these playful animals instead of becoming indifferent because they may harm themselves or others.

1. Dolphin Corner Bookmark

Developing a DIY Dolphin Corner Bookmark is an art that requires patience and concentration. It’s not just a matter of cutting some paper, folding the corners, and sticking them on your page. The steps are pretty simple. Follow the steps described in this video to create your dolphin corner bookmark in minutes.

2. Egg Carton Dolphin Craft

This craft is easy and fun to make. It can be used as a decor item in any room or as a gift for friends and family.

  • On the left-hand side of an egg carton, draw a rectangle using crayons or colored pencils
  • Cut out the rectangle you drew and turn it over onto the egg carton so that it is upside down.
  • On the upside-down egg carton, draw eyes for your dolphin with two small squares, three larger circles and two triangles for whiskers. Draw around them if desired.
  • To create your dolphin’s body, draw another rectangle that is smaller than the first one on the egg carton. Then draw another smaller circle inside of this one for its belly button. Draw two more circles above this one for its head
  • Use markers to color your dolphin blue with white markings
  • Cut slits into the body of your dolphin to form its fins. Use a paper cutter or scissors to make sure they are sharp
  • Decorate your dolphin by adding ribbons and other items

3. Dolphin Craft Using Construction Paper

The construction paper dolphin craft is a simple yet effective way to help your child learn more about aquatic animals. This is a fun and easy craft project. It is a good idea for every little girl to have one of these.

The craft uses construction paper, felt, a clothespin, two pins, and some pipe cleaners. The steps are as follows:

  • First, cut the construction paper into three pieces and staple them together to form one long strip
  • Cut out the shape of a dolphin from the construction paper
  • Cut out two smaller shapes from felt and attach them on top of the shape of the dolphin with glue or pins.
  • Cut out the wavy pattern from construction paper
  • Fold each edge of the wavy line in towards the center and carefully glue it down on the back of your dolphin
  • Cut out a small shape from felt and attach it on top of one eye with glue or pins

5. Watercolor Dolphin Banner

A Watercolor Dolphin Banner is a fun and creative activity for kids. Materials are just a few paintbrushes, paint, and paper towels

  • Fill your canvas (paper towel) with watercolors into the background design
  • Add a figure or other design onto your painting by dipping paint into your watercolor paints and then onto the paper towel that you’ve placed on top of the painting (or canvas)
  • Add details to the dolphin’s image by adding more colors or outlining certain areas with glitter
  • Allow your image to dry

6. Dolphin Paper Craft

Paper crafting is a craft that requires great precision to create something that looks realistic and beautiful. The challenge lies in producing folds without making mistakes (e.g., folding one edge too much), which can result in parts of the object breaking off.  

The activity requires blue and green construction papers, a pencil, scissors, glue, and a black marker. The steps are:

  • Draw an image of the dolphin on green construction paper using a pencil
  • Use a black marker to make an eye
  • Use scissors to cut along the outer lines of the dolphin’s body
  • Paste the cut-out on a blue construction paper

7. Balloon Dolphin

It looks quite creative when you use simple balloons to create the shape of a dolphin. The steps are simple but require proper handling. You can create one and show your kid and he will surely be able to replicate the steps himself.

The activity requires threads, a black marker, and small yet elongated balloons of blue and white colors. Follow the steps below to create this craft:

  • Blow white and blue balloons and tie their ends using a thread
  • Next tie the ends of the blue air-filled balloons to form the shape of the dolphin’s upper body
  • Create the mouth and fins of the sea mammals using blue balls
  • Now, the ends of the white balls in a way that will make the lower body of an animal
  • Use the black marker to draw the eyes of the dolphin


Want to make your kid fall in love with learning? Create a fun and engaging DIY craft that they can create themselves. So, we decided to share the above cool ideas for crafts you can do with your kids.

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Dolphin crafts might seem like a difficult thing to make but it is easy. We made this list of easy and creative crafts to share that are great for preschoolers or any young child who loves dolphins! These tutorials can be used as teaching tools by parents, who will utilize their imaginations to create different craft ideas each day.

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