9 Best Elephant Crafts for Preschool

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Elephant crafts are cool because they let you build a relationship with your child by using your hands, senses, and creativity.

One of the most popular craft ideas for kids would have to be the elephants because they are relatively easy to make and children like them a lot. They are always fascinated when they create their own personal elephant friend.

These can be designed in many ways as they can be made out of paper mache, cotton paper, cardboard, or any other material that you may think of.

Popular Elephant Crafts for Preschool

The most popular elephant crafts for preschoolers are a toilet paper roll trunk, a felt elephant with felt ears, and a felt elephant with foil eyes. These crafts are popular because they’re easy to make, inexpensive to make, and require basic materials that most kids can find around the house.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Trunk

It is a trunk made of toilet paper rolls. You can make it for yourself with just two or three rolls of toilet paper. It is easy to assemble, but it can be difficult to get the hang of. You may also check out the video tutorial for creating the trunk with ease:

2. Balloon Elephant Craft

The Balloon Elephant Craft is a perfect craft for kids who just love to craft. This one is pretty simple to make and would be a great addition to your kid’s playtime. With plenty of balloons, this craft could also be expanded into different looks with different colors and designs.

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You can check out the video tutorial here to create the balloon elephant craft yourself:

3. Cereal Box Elephant

The cereal box elephant is made up of old cereal boxes and it takes the form of a large elephant that’s sitting on its haunches. The best steps to creating a cute elephant using the cereal boxes can be checked here:

4. Coffee Filter Elephant

This craft project is easy to make and is perfect for a coffee filter elephant.

You will need:

  • 2 coffee filters (one for the hand and another for its trunk)
  • a tissue or toilet paper rolls – red, green, yellow, blue, and black paint
  • acrylic paint
  • 2 cotton balls (the size of the elephant’s eyes)

5. Corner Bookmark Elephant

The corner bookmark elephant is a DIY project that is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools. It requires just four cardboard sheets and a small amount of glue to make this funny animal.

It can help children learn the basics about how to build and create objects from different materials. This video tutorial is quite easy to follow and create the bookmark elephant with your kid:

6. Egg Carton Elephant Craft

This creative and simple craft is a great way to put your kids in the mood for arts and crafts by modeling an egg carton elephant. All you need are some egg cartons, paint, markers, colored paper, and pipe cleaners.

Easy to make and fun! This would make a great activity with family or friends at home or on the go.

  1. First, cut out three pieces of cardboard from the egg carton that are about 2 inches wide and about 8 inches tall. Then, using the pen as a marker, draw an elephant head on one piece of cardboard and two ears on another piece of cardboard. Leave the third piece blank to reserve for future steps.
  2. Carefully fold up the bottom ear flap so it forms a triangular shape sticking out from beneath its trunk (the base).
  3. Then fold up both side flaps at the back of its head so they form a triangular shape as well sticking out from beneath its trunk/tail (the middle).
  4. Fold both at the top downwards to form triangles as well again, making sure not to crease or bend them too much before you have completed the folds.
  5. Using your craft glue, stick the ears to the head and the tail to the back of the head in a triangular shape, making sure not to be too heavy on any one spot. When it is dry, use your scissors to trim around them and make them even.

7. Elephant Headband Craft

This elephant headband craft is a quick activity that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Watch this video tutorial by Fun Activities for Kids to learn how to make one of your own.

8. Elephant’s Trunk Craft

Toddlers will have much fun with this activity, which promises hours of entertainment. This activity requires colored construction paper, googly eyes, a straw, scissors, a black marker, and glue. It is a very quick build that should take less than an hour to complete. Here is the tutorial:

9. Elephant Pom Pom Craft

Elephant Pom Pom Crafts are small, colorful pieces of fabric that resemble small elephants. It is a type of children’s art craft that uses two colors – black and white. Children use the two colors to weave a pom pom on the fabric.


An elephant is an animal that is loved by almost every kid. Themes inspired by an elephant give children more excitement and your child would surely have a great time trying the crafts discussed above.

Besides the ones that we have shortlisted above, there are tons of other inspirational ideas that you can use to create elephant crafts for preschoolers. Feel free to share your ideas or ask us questions if you have any issues trying any of the ideas discussed above.

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