How Many Hatchimals Are There?

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Hatchimal is a toy that comes with over 70 different breeds of digital creatures to mix and match. The idea of the toy was to create a friendly and playful digital world that can make you smile every time you take it out of your pocket.

They are the world’s most recent “collectible” toy. These eggs come in a variety of types and colors, and are hatched by children during the Christmas season. Read out this article to know How Many Hatchimals Are There?

What Are Hatchimals? (How Many Hatchimals Are There)

Hatchimals are collectible toys that can only be obtained as eggs. If a child collects all the pieces of the egg, they can open up to find the Hatchimal inside. It is then customized with a variety of different colors and accessories that they can use or trade with other players.

The idea for this toy came from the success of other popular games and toys like Pokemon, Disney Pixar’s Movies, and Funko Pop! That’s why these products are often compared to other “collectible” games like Furby or Hasbro’s Monopoly.

Which Was the First Hatchimal?

Which Was the First Hatchimal

Officially launched on October 7, 2016, initially, 5 different species of hatchimals were available. They were Burtle, Bearakeet, Penguala, Draggle, and Owlicorn.

What Are the Names of Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are small and light like a baby birds. They have different names depending on their color, which is why it is important to know what the name of each one is. The 14 different kinds of hatchimals you could buy are:

  1. Pengualas
  2. Draggles
  3. Owlicorns
  4. Burtles
  5. Bearakeets
  6. Puppadees
  7. Ligulls
  8. Deerioles
  9. Giravens
  10. Peacats
  11. Zuffins
  12. Hatchimals Wow
  13. CollEGGtibles
  14. Hatchimals HatchiBabies

What Are the Different Types of Hatchimal Families?

Presently there are 8 different Hatchimal families available. They are:

  • Unicorn Hair Stylists
  • Bunny Bakers
  • Cat Dancers
  • Lion Artists
  • Racoon Photographers
  • Bat Musicians
  • Rare Dog Pilots
  • Super rare Fox Pageant Stars.

Each of the above has its unique looks and themes inspired by its favorite activities. In order to collect all 8 families, you will have to collect more than 60 new Hatchimals. There are special packs available that you may purchase online. They are family packs, sibling packs, playdate packs, etc.

Are Golden Hatchimals Rare?

Are Golden Hatchimals Rare

Golden Hatchimals are becoming popular as people want them for their child’s birthday celebrations or for holidays such as Christmas and Easter. They were originally released in Guam but soon became popular worldwide as people wanted them for their child’s birthday celebrations or for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

They are rare and available in limited quantities compared to other Hatchimals.

What Do Hatchimals Colors Mean?

Hatchimals are popular toy pouches that are made by Spin Master. In total there are 10 different colors and each color has a different meaning. Here is the list of the 10 colors in Hatchimals, with their meanings:

  1. Blue: Calmness, wisdom
  2. Green: Longevity
  3. Orange: Celebration of life
  4. Purple: Empowerment and wisdom
  5. Red: Happiness and energy
  6. Silver/Gray: Friendship and honesty
  7. Teal: Healing and peace
  8. Violet/Magenta: Wisdom, divinity, and power
  9. Yellow: Creativity, warmth
  10. White: Sleepy

What Age Likes Hatchimals as Their Toys?

Hatchimals have been getting lots of attention from the younger side of the audience – people who could be considered babies if we use their age group of 0-3 years old. Only about 5% of Hatchimal owners fall into this category (kids under 3).

The most common age range for ownership is 4-6 years old with 36% as the number population which accounts for just over half of all Hatchimal owners worldwide.

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How to Hatch Your Hatchimal?

Hatching the little fur ball takes about 10-40 minutes as per the manufacturers. In order to hatch, you need to rub, touch, and tap the egg for coaxing the creature from the safe warm shell. After it’s ready, you will see rainbow eyes that start glowing inside the edge. You might wonder if it is some B-movie monster that’s emerging from inside.

The beast then pecks out from the egg. You may re-create your own raptor-hatching scene or peel away parts of the shell. There are several other creative methods of getting an Hatchimal out. However, you should avoid using the water blasting technique.

How to Create My Own Hatchimal Family?

In order to create your own unique Hatchimals family, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Buy Hatchimals from the stores that sell them.
  2. Collect all the eggs that come with each toy and hatch them in your home (buy only one egg when you find it for this method).
  3. Buy a Hatchimal family pack from a Disney store or Amazon which includes one regular and two rare or three rare on special offers

Can Hatchimals Learn to Talk?

While Hatchimals might not be able to speak, they do have the ability to learn how to use objects and mimic the sounds they make.

In addition, if you are teaching your Hatchimal to learn the language, you can teach it for a couple of weeks. This allows him to gradually understand new words and pronunciation.

Where Can I Buy a Hatchimal?

They are sold at popular shopping portals like Kmart, Amazon, Walmart, Spin Master, Toys R Us, and others. Some variants are retailer exclusive. For instance, if you are looking to buy Burtles having an antenna, you will only get them at Walmart.

Concluding Remarks

The Hatchimals are bound to be a success with young children and they will love getting two surprises in one pack! And, kids can compare the remaining Hatchimals and try to collect them all.

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