10 Best Moose Crafts For Preschoolers

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Moose crafts are one of the best ways to entertain preschoolers and teach them different skills. Although they are well-loved by parents, it is not always easy to find creative ideas for these craft projects.

Such ideas can be made out of many materials such as cardboard, paper towel rolls, pipe cleaners, Christmas ornaments, and toilet paper rolls. In this article we have discussed about some Ideas of Moose Crafts For Preschoolers.

1. Moose Puppets (Moose Crafts For Preschoolers)

Giving children creative and imaginative tools can encourage them to do many things like make costumes, use arts and crafts, and create. The Moose Puppet craft that the children in this video made is a great example of how to unleash creativity through art.

In this project, the materials used are the ones that can easily be found around the house: paper cups, sketch pens, cardboard, glue, and scissors. These materials are inexpensive and easy to find at home.

The activity provides a fun project for parents to complete together with their little ones while they’re away on summer vacation or when they are searching for an activity to stay busy.

2. Sleepy Moose Using Coffee Filter

A quick and easy craft where you can simply draw a circular moose face. Make eyes that are closed and depict a sleepy moose. Draw the nose of the moose using a black colored sketch pen.

Now paint the paper with light brown color and place it over your favorite-colored origami sheet. Draw two horns from the two sides of the circle and paint or color it dark brown. The painting should look like the picture below:

Sleepy Moose Using Coffee Filter

3. Paper Crafts

You can make a large paper moose using construction paper or wrapping paper with glue and scissors. This will have the child draw their design on the moose and cut out bits of it for decoration afterward. One interesting and easy-to-follow tutorial can be viewed here

4. Clay Crafts

You can start by making a simple clay moose that can be painted upon completion or you can use any type of modelling clay to make your unique designs on it once it is finished baking.

5. Moose Popsicle Sticks

Kids can not only assemble the craft themselves, but they can also have fun while doing it with their parents. They can choose to use mixed colors of popsicle sticks or decide on an option that is more like traditional crafts and make the project more challenging.

It is not difficult to find these crafting kits on Amazon or your local general store.

There are a few variations of Moose Popsicle Sticks:

  • Use different colors for each side of your moose
  • Use two different colors for each line in your moose’s face

6. Moose Headband Craft Activity For Kids

Make your own Moose headband with this simple craft kit. Your kids will enjoy this activity and you will love the simplicity of the project! Make this band with the materials that you have around you at home like a stapler, grocery bag, marker, brown cardstock, and glue.

7. Moose Bookmarks

Creating moose bookmarks will be super fun for preschoolers. They will love having them inside their favorite books. The materials needed to make this requires a white poster board, white paper, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, and a moose printable.

Take a printout of the printable on white paper. Cut along the outlines to shape it as per the moose design. You should cut the board to form a bookmark-sized rectangle. Now let your kids color each of the bookmarks as per their preferred colors.

Once the cardboard is cut in the same shape and you have colored the printable, paste the latter on the cardboard. Let it dry for a few hours before using them as bookmarks.

8. Moose Paperbag Puppet

This is a creative DIY craft for children that can be used as an activity during their preschool time. It is a fun, colorful, and engaging activity that can be done anytime at home with the ingredients from your kitchen.

You’ll need:

  • paper bag
  • black construction paper
  • white glue
  • straws or dowels from the hardware store

The craft is so easy to teach and perform that it can be done by young children. Kids can create their own Moose Paper Bag Puppet, and then use the printable activity sheet to further explore the craft with their friends.

9. Christmas Moose Wreaths

A moose wreath is a festive decoration that adds tons of character to your Christmas tree. It’s made by stuffing an old stocking with hay and placing a moose head on top of it. Here are the steps for making one!

  1. Stuff an old stocking with hay
  2. Grab the hole of an old stocking, and fill it halfway with hay. The more hay you stuff in, the fuller your moose head will be!
  3. Place a moose head on top of the stocking.

10. Moose Door Knob Hanger

You can make a moose doorknob hanger for yourself or as a gift by following these simple steps. Materials needed include glue, paper, scissors, watercolors, and a sketch pen. Take a printout of a moose template you like. Color the template and cut around the corners.

Now glue it to the doorknob hanger with the arms of the moose on either side. The face of the moose needs to be stuck on the body, while antlers need to be pasted on the sides of the head.

Now glue the feet to the bottom of the body and the belt at the center. If your printable had a maple leaf, glue it at the center over the belt. Thus, you will have a cute-looking moose door knob hanger for your kid’s room. They will love this for sure!

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Moose is one animal that kids love spotting around. They are among the most loved animals by kids like dolphins or dogs. Creating crafts inspired by a moose is something that would excite most kids who love animals.

Numerous ideas can be tried based on the moose. We have discussed some of the easy-to-implement ideas for your kids to try with you at home. Try creating one, and you sure would love the reaction on the face of your kid.

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