6 Best Rainbow Crafts for Kids

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Rainbow crafts for kids offer a diverse range of activities that allow children to explore, create and play with colors. They are fun projects that even parents can do together with their kids. They are a fun and creative way to learn colors. However, they are also perfect for the youngest children who need a guided hand through the process.

The key to making these crafts is to have all the materials available and plenty of time on your hands. It also helps if you already have some art supplies at home.

Explore all colors of the rainbow with one of these cute projects. Kids can have fun using this art project, and older kids can use 3D paper to make their rainbow crafts.

1. Paper Rainbow Craft (Rainbow Crafts for Kids)

Paper Rainbow Craft

For this activity, you can use 7 different origami sheets or a single white sheet and use colors to fill them and create rainbow art. Your child will be able to learn this quickly and it could be a great beginning activity if he just started to learn to use scissors.

  1. Gather your materials, including papers, glue, scissors, markers, and glitter
  2. Cut two sheets of paper in half (a total of four sheets) then start cutting out strips from the center of the first two sheets
  3. Cut strips from the remaining two sheets like before. Make sure each strip is at least six inches long and about an inch wide at its widest point
  4. Glue the first strip on top of a second strip (the one with less glue) creating an upside-down triangle shape
  5. Place the third strip on top at 90 degrees with one edge touching the first strip and the other edge touching the second. Make sure it is not exactly in the middle or on one of the corners
  6. Once all the strips are added, move on to adding your colors using the marker (if you had used a sheet of single white color)

2. Rainbow Craft From Paper Plate

Rainbow Craft From Paper Plate

You can make a paper plate rainbow craft using just a few items. This is a simple and inexpensive DIY project that you can do with your kids as we speak.

  • Start by cutting out the seven colors of tissue paper – red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  • Then step one is to fold the colors in half and cut them into trifold shapes
  • Next, take one of the larger red triangle pieces and put a small piece of tape on the bottom edge to hold it together (this will eventually be the base)
  • Take another triangle piece and put it next to one on top with the tape held in place – this will be your next layer – use three more layers to form your rainbow shape
  • Next, take some scissors and cut out the small flaps on the bottom edge of each layer
  • Take a large piece of paper and poke two holes in it (one for each end)
  • One hole should be big enough to fit your paper plate through
  • Put your rainbow shape on the plate: insert your plate through one hole, then put a small triangle flap into the second hole – this will help hold everything together
  • Finally, do a crisscross pattern with tape to hold your triangle flaps in place

3. Handprint Rainbow Art

Handprint Rainbow Art

This art medium is really easy to make and is a great thing to do with your kids or with friends!

  • You’ll need: paper, glue, paint, paintbrush, glitter
  • Cut out the shape of a rainbow
  • Glue it onto white paper and then draw on it with a black marker
  • Paint over the lines of the rainbow in 7 colors
  • Add yellow paint to fill in some of the gaps in between raindrops from your initial rainbow design
  • Add glitter along the edges of every drop and also on top of each one

4. Playdough Rainbow Art

Playdough Rainbow Art

The idea behind Rainbow Art was to create something inspiring and entertaining to keep kids occupied while they played with clay. While it involves some hands-on work when creating shapes using clay, it’s easy enough for children to make their unique playdough piece.

5. 3D Rainbow Paper Craft DIY

3D Rainbow Paper Craft DIY

It is a fun and creative take on paper crafts. It can be a thoughtful or sentimental gift for a friend or loved one. This project is surprisingly easy to make. You will need a few supplies: color inks, some cardstock sheets, an old book, two cups of water, glue, and some scissors.

It is multi-dimensional and can be used as an art project during the day or as decoration at night. It has geometric shapes that are reminiscent of natural elements: snowflakes, leaves, rocks, and more! This craft will also help you relax and release stress from your day-to-day life!

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6. Rainbow Craft Sticks

Rainbow Craft Sticks

Craft Sticks Rainbow Craft DIY is a great way for parents to spice up some arts and crafts time with their kids. With just a few ingredients, this craft is both easy and fun to create.

Rainbow colors are truly one of the most vibrant colors in nature. Children who have limited access to art materials can use colors that would otherwise be difficult for them. The steps are quite easy to follow:

  1. Get 7 colors of origami sheets
  2. Cut brown cardboard in equal dimensions to create long sticks
  3. Paste each colored origami sheet over the long sticks
  4. Now take your favorite-colored paper/chart paper and stick each stick one beside the other to form a rainbow look.

Make sure you give some time for each stick for the glue to dry up before pasting them on the big paper.


Rainbow colors are sure bright and appealing. Kids love playing with colors and if you give them ideas to think about and work on, they can create some masterpieces for sure. The ideas above are quite simple to follow but they are not all. There are tons of other crafty ideas that you can let your kids explore and make inspired by the rainbow.

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