10 Best Unicorn Craft for Preschoolers

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If your child loves unicorns, have no worries! You can make their love for unicorns even more magical with one of these unicorn-themed crafts. There are plenty of ways to make a unicorn craft for Preschoolers!

You can choose what to do with the horn and how tall the hair should be. You’ll find so many creative ideas that it might be difficult to decide on one that suits you best.

There are lots of unicorn crafts and activities for you to choose from DIY unicorn cards, homemade flying pigs, unicorn party favors, and a variety of exciting indoor and outdoor decorations.

These have been some of our favorites, and you can use them for sticking notes or headbands for feeling like a unicorn! Your child is surely going to love these craft ideas!

1. Unicorn Bookmarks (Unicorn Craft for Preschoolers)

The unicorn bookmark craft is a fun DIY project that will be loved by your kids. It is easy to make and is a good activity for kids who want to learn about DIY.

The unicorn bookmark craft can be done with the help of paper, cardboard, glitter glue, markers, paint, and glitter. The interesting tutorial that can help you make a lovely unicorn bookmark yourself can be checked here

2. DIY Unicorn Notebooks

The DIY Craft is an easy project to do that involves a notebook. It is a creative way to make use of notebooks and transform them into something that can be cherished for the rest of your life. The whole process takes only a couple of hours and the final product is worth it.

The project is all about creativity and your child can use his/her imagination to do this craft. The steps for this project are very simple and can be done by kids with little or no crafting experience. Try this tutorial to help your kid create his/her Unicorn notebook today.

3. Toilet Roll Unicorn Craft

This craft can be created using two toilet paper rolls and some glue or glue sticks. You could also use two popsicle sticks to mimic the shape of the horn. You will also need some additional materials for this to happen.

They are a toilet paper roll, glue (or glue sticks), a popsicle stick that has been cut into a small triangular shape, and your favorite decorative materials.

4. Unicorn Headbands

Kids of all ages love wearing unicorn headbands! Whether you’re making your own or buying one ready-made, everyone will be able to get the party started in style. This craft is simple enough that even the youngest of children can enjoy it with a little help.

5. Unicorn Masks

Make these unicorn masks with a few simple supplies found around your house. Just imagine the memories your child will make as they take part in costume parties and play dress-up for Halloween!

A great DIY project for kids, this colorable Unicorn mask is fun to put together and easy to wear. It can be made in under 15 minutes and requires simple materials you probably already have.

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6. Clay Unicorn Craft

Clay Unicorn Craft is a fun craft for kids. It’s a clay sculpture, made with colored paper and glue, that you can make at home. This activity provides them with an opportunity to try something else for the moment, explore and build.

This easy-to-follow tutorial can help your child create a clay unicorn craft quickly.

7. Origami Unicorn Craft

The craft activity can be a great idea if your child loves origami. Following the easy-to-implement tutorial like this.

It can help them create their small unicorns. The steps and instructions are pretty simple to follow.

8. Paper Plate Unicorn Craft DIY

Paper Plate Unicorn Craft is a creative, easy-to-make project that will leave your kids with a smile on their faces. It’s an activity that they can create at home and share with their friends and family.

It requires basic supplies and they are prepared to get started. Materials required include a paper plate, white glue or hot glue gun, black paint or acrylic paint, small white pipe cleaners for the tail, and colored duct tape for the mane and horn.

9. DIY Handprint Unicorn Posters

These handprint posters are a fun and creative way to celebrate your child’s first steps and milestones. Creating Unicorn Handprint posters is easy and takes very little time.

A fun activity you could do with your kids, this project will take around 20-30 minutes to complete if you are creative enough. Let your kids follow the video tutorial here and learn the art in no time.

10. Adorable Unicorn Card

Unicorn cards are a cute and easy way to send a personalized greeting to someone. Follow these steps to create your card:

  1. Create a white envelope
  2. Cut out two strips of white paper
  3. Draw a unicorn body with purple wings and a rainbow mane, as well as some rainbow sparkles on the card
  4. Print “Unicorn” in black letters on one strip of white paper and “Friendship is magic” in black letters on the other strip of white paper
  5. Glue the two strips together so that they make one long strip of white paper, then fold it in half width-wise so you have three pieces for the card’s front, back, and top
Adorable Unicorn Card


Give your child the opportunity to indulge in any of these creative ideas and you will be surprised to see the result. Not only they will learn something new but their efforts and the smile on their faces are something you will cherish for a lifetime. There are several other ideas that your child can work on inspired by the unicorn. The ones listed above may require support from parents but in most cases, you would love observing your child excel.

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